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      1. DJ and Stage Sets

        1. Furniture & Decor
        2. DJ and Stage Sets

        They say first impressions are the most important.

        The first thing most guests see when they enter your event’s main room will be the DJ and/or stage set, so don’t let it disappoint.? We offer several DJ Booth and stage set capabilities to set the tone for the entire event, or can create something custom for you.

        LED Xtreme Moving LED Array

        As a backdrop or a DJ booth, our swiveling LED array is stunning.? Featuring 16 LED bars capable of pixel mapping and 180 degree movement, the brightness, image and text capabilities, and stunning patterns will highlight one of the most important areas of your event.

        Illuminate DJ Booth

        Our black and white spandex DJ booths are backlit with LED fixtures, providing a colored glow to your DJ booth.? Both static colors and dynamic color changes are available.

        LED Grid DJ Booth

        Measuring 4’ tall by 6’ wide, this DJ booth combined white plexiglass with pixel-mappable LED clusters for a visual effect rivaling Studio 54.? We have complete control over colors and patterns to achieve virtually any desired look.

        Custom DJ Booths and Stage Set Designs

        You are only limited by your creativity, or let one of our event designers take your vision and bring it to life.? Combining lighting, video, backdrops, staging, and special effects, our stage sets transform the ordinary into extraordinary.? Even basic conferences or seminars can be more exciting with some stage design, and we can incorporate your company’s mission or event’s theme.


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