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      1. LED Uplighting

        1. Lighting & Special FX
        2. LED Uplighting

        Dramatic LED up-lighting adds a vibrant décor element.? We can wash the ballroom’s walls in colored light, or flood the ceiling with subtle elegance.? We offer traditional LED par cans and battery/wireless up lights.? This allows us to change colors during your event, add strobe and chase effects for energy, or a simple gradual fade for ambiance.

        Using LEDs instead of traditional pars offers several benefits.? First, power consumption is a mere fraction with LEDs, letting you put more fixtures on the same circuit, thereby eliminating the risk of blowing fuses.? Moreover, color-matching can be attained with the push of a button rather than needing several different colored gels.? Lastly, LED fixtures emit virtually no heat, whereas halogen bulbs get very hot.

        Up-lighting is an incredibly effective lighting concept because it allows you to turn the house lights down without it being too dark; add to your theme by incorporating colored light instead of standard halogen fixtures; and adds a beautiful glow to any pictures taken during the event.


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