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      1. Beauty Boutique

        1. Novelty
        2. Beauty Boutique

        Open a Beauty Boutique to make your Event memorable, with features never before seen by your guests. Let us set up a booth at your event, with tons of beauty services to choose from. We bring licensed beauticians to your event and offer a collection of services. Choose any of the following boutiques: Salon, Spa or Makeup; and enjoy all the features that comes with each boutique:

        Special Effect & Makeup
        1 Staff Member
        Face Painting
        Glitter Eyes
        Eye Art
        Character Painting
        Airbrushed Tattoo
        Lip Art

        1 Staff Member
        Hair Styling
        Braid Bar
        Nail Art

        1 Staff Member
        Massage Bar

        Call us today to check book these hot new services for your next event!

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