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      1. Photobooth

        1. Novelty
        2. Photobooth

        Still the most popular novelty option, Photobooths are a big hit at any event! Our photobooths can be both traditional booth-style, comfortably fitting up to 3-4 guests, or open-air style, easily accommodating 10 people or more with a draped backdrop. All of our Photobooths are touch-screen operated, include an attendant, and a custom-designed theme for your event. We can print in either 2”x6” dual strips or 4”x6” photos with multiple poses. From a social standpoint, our unique Photobooths can include the event name, date, and themed imagery. For corporate clientele, we can include sponsor logos on both the touch-screen and the final printout. Plus, all of our booths include unlimited photos for the duration of your event AND a USB Flash Drive of every picture taken at the event, free of charge.

        For an extra special touch, consider our Photobooth Scrapbook station, including a custom engraved photo album in your theme colors, lots of fun props and accessories, and colorful markers, stickers, and embellishments so your guests can decorate a personal page in your book and include a Photobooth picture. Truly a memorable keepsake!


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